You know there is so much more…

More to your faith than belief, more to the church than attending an event, more to your hope and imagination for what it looks like to tangibly join God in renewing and restoring our world.

You might feel like you are alone in this desire but if you join us, we hope you’ll realize there is a movement underway, learning from one another how to be the church in our everyday lives.

The Cultivate Gathering is designed with plenary sessions, workshops, facilitated conversations and gathering spaces to help us discover a grounded way of being in the world together, centered on the love of Christ as we inhabit our neighborhoods. We want to cultivate an entirely new future for the church as we know it, tending to God’s love in our neighborhoods and parishes. 

So we welcome you for the Cultivate Gathering in San Diego, Feb 21-22, hosted by the Parish Collective and sponsored by like-hearted churches and organizations from all over the country. We are part of a collective of grassroots gatherings throughout the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, with a common passion to join what God is doing to restore our world as we inhabit our neighborhoods, towns and cities in the love of Jesus.

About the Parish Collective:

The Parish Collective connects and resources people of faith in particular neighborhoods to be the church together in the places they live. Their grassroots-level work weaves together neighborhood churches, missional communities, and any group of Christ-followers desiring renewal in their parish.

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