Becoming Sacrament in an Age of FragmentationFebruary 21, 2019
9 am - 3 pm

Under the illusion of hyper-connectivity, much of our world has never felt so isolated and disembodied. Tribalism is replacing community, walls are replacing tables, displacement is replacing rootedness, and in the absence of holistic relationships our culture has plunged into vitriol and self-preservation. In an age of increasing fragmentation, followers of Jesus have the opportunity to embody a hopeful narrative of love, peace, and committed community. We can choose to be a restorative presence of goodness and grace in the neighborhoods where we live, listen, and linger. We can learn to be a healing presence in the midst of trauma and offer hospitality as an expression of welcome. We can embody truth and reconciliation across differences while standing for justice in the face of oppression. Come learn what it might mean for the church to re-construct its sacramental identity through abiding with the Spirit’s wild presence made visible among the beauty and brokenness in our neighborhoods.



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